About  EDRI

Xiamen Edri Technology Co., Ltd is a high technology company, specialized in the field of solar energy, focused on the mounting system research&development, solar plant development, and maintenance service. We a manufacturing and trading combo, producing and exporting Solar Mounting Related Products for many years.






PVC Coated Solar Panel Mesh For Proofing Bird

PVC coated solar panel mesh is designed to stop pest birds and prevent leaves and other debris from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage. It also ensures unrestricted airflow around panels to avoid fire hazards caused by the debris. The mesh qualifies the features of long-lasting, durable, non-corrosive. This no-drill solution provides long-lasting and discreet exclusion to protect home solar panels.

Solar Mounting Middle Clamp

The Edri Middle Clamp is made of Aluminum 6005-T5 and suit for the panels with thickness between 20 to 50mm.

Stainless Steel Tile Roof Hook

The Edri Tile Roof Hook is a universal tile mount compatible with most tile roof tops including Flat, S- and W-tile.

Galvanized Ground Screw

Suitable for all terrain including sloping hills and soil types Significant cost savings through time taken to construct No digging, no excavation, no waste, no concrete or wet trades

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh Fence Simple

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh Fence Simple structure ,easy in installation.